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I agree. They can do their Secret Wars style cross-brand promotion in one tidy book and it can stand and fall on its own merits and that'd be fine. The industry has enough terrible cross over garbage that has no intrinsic artistic worth or value without adding this to the heap.

I'm unfamiliar with IDWs other licensed toy property comics because ...I couldn't care less about them. No amount of Hasbro mandated shoe-horning of all this stuff together will make me pick up and read them or go out and buy the toys or whatever it is thats supposed to happen out of this that's made it a big priority all of a sudden. I'm obviously not the target audience for this, but then who is? Will new readers be attracted by a mash up of all your '80s toy faves? Maybe ten or so years ago at the height of the nostalgia boom, but now...?

(is it all of a sudden as well, or is this a poorly announced decision that's actually been planned in the background somewhere and no one passed the memo on?)

I dunno, I've lived through enough terrible, bloated crossovers that ultimately don't matter (even the really good ones like Civil War) to view them only for what they are ; a way to create some short term interest and short term sales boosts. The last decade was littered with mega-event crossovers and I'm just worn out and disinterested in them. Its largely whats put me off superhero comics for good. IDWs previous form with things like Infestation don't have me holding out much hope that this'll be like Final Crisis. The best it can hope to be is something like Barber and Sicoli's Transformers / G.I. Joe, and that was a joke that outstayed its welcome. I picked up Dark Cybertron grudgingly and wish I hadn't, as that was also awful.

Flashpoint was bobbins. I liked those Flash event stories from when Wally West was Flash and Mark Waid did the writing. They were properly ace.
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