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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
What the heck is ROM?

Is it like RAM? Is that what it is? Is that good?
ROM is a robot that Hasbro chucked at Marvel and said "do something to flog that", leading to the creation of the Spaceknights.

Marvel own all the backstory and supporting cast and concepts, etc, but the rights to the character itself reverted back to Hasbro. Meaning that Spaceknights, Direwraiths etc can crop up wherever Marvel want them to, but they can't reprint any of the original story or any of the issues that ROM himself guest starred in (without heavy editing). Think of the hoops IDW had to jump through to reprint Marvel's TF #3, but on a much more catastrophic scale.

I did pick up IDW's ROM FCBD issue, which I really must read at some point if only to find out what the hell they've done with it.
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