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Think I'll probably be the same. Nothing turns me off comics quicker these days than a crossover. Having a book about a bunch of characters you enjoy interupted every five minutes for some flabby "OH MY GOD WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! (except you're not) " crossover to help someone's bottom line is balls. How about developing a readership and loyalty and longevity by just having good, solid comics on the stand? Instead of p***ing all the goodwill Dalek tells us MTMTE has generated up the wall for this shameless cash grab?

I nearly came close to dropping Ghost Rider (my lazy comparative standby and comic character that I really like, which I may have mentioned previously - sorry- repeatedly, despite all the character's comics being average at best) in the 1990s after the title went through three crossovers IN A ROW all of which were f***ing awful, particularly the "when will it stop?! please make it stop!" 20 part force ten expulsion of digestive gasses that was Siege Of Darkness. Siege Of Readers, more like.

Crossovers are for marketing men and Brian Michael Bendis. No-one else need apply.
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