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She doesn't actually really do anything, though. She's basically a cross between a tourist attraction and a celebrity ambassador, which is fine because the Royal family bring in more money than they spend. But she's basically apolitical and only nominally the head of the country despite the huge amount of sway she would have over the public if she decided otherwise.

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You know, I'm more of a weird Prince anecdote fan than a Prince music fan, but he had some crazy, crazy talent. I don't think there's ever going to be another crazy mother****er like him. Not in mainstream media, anyway.
It's the insane productivity that really gets me (same level of fan bias BTW, talented guy but not my sort of music). Just the sheer amount of original material coming out of one guy year after year for, what, three or four decades, still having the time to nurture or contribute to loads of other artists and even dabble in a bit of acting. That's what really blows me away about people like Prince, Bowie etc.
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