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Originally Posted by slartibartfast View Post
I'm sorry I didn't really want to bring this thread to a debate, or double-post, but :

Dude, I get that modern politicians are mostly crooks but I'm genuinely curious as to what advantage you see in a country with a ruling class ?
Depends on the ruling class. In the USA our ruling class is an extremely small number of extremely rich and greedy jackasses that only care about their bottom line and they don't give a flying rat's ass about what they have to do get more money in their pockets they will and have killed millions of people to get their money.

Now a monarchy in theory should rule without the need for personal gain (because they are often extremely rich to begin with) and rule for the best interests of the people. Now of course that is extremely rare (maybe Queen Elisabeth I is an example of a people's queen, but I'm not sure true that it is).

I will say that I prefer a monarchy over the USA oligarchy (which is ruled by the rich for the rich) which is what we have in the states only because I know in monarchy that I'm being ruled by a rich old person and thus I know who to give credit and blame too, whereas in the USA oligarchy it's next to impossible to who to give what little credit and a lot of blame too because they love to stay in the shadows.

That is just my 2 cents.

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