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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
The Queen (and if you want to be really cynical, the elected politicians) is only a figurehead. The actual people with power are just as oblique as their American counterparts.
I know. I was speaking in broad general terms. Just like I know that history is filled with monarchs that were greedy, selfish bastards and some there were utter useless.

It's just under a monarchy I know who the ruler is, whereas in the US oligarchy it's a harder to know, sure I blame the Koch brothers, the Walton Family, and Trump but there is more than just those stupid, greedy, and evil ****wits but it's also the multinational corporations and so on.

99% of the politicians in BOTH major political parties the USA are whores (sorry but I don't know what else to call them) who are there to do the bidding of their rich donors. The 1% are ones like Bernie Sanders who at least seems to give a damn about the American people. Maybe if enough people who are "Bernie or Bust" will support the Green Party and make them a true Progressive party in this country although I doubt they will win the White House this time.

And FTR I would rather have Trump than the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson as President. I don't like any of the American Conservatives but I really hate the Aye Rand worshiping libertarians even more all they are corporate anarchists.

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