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Yup. And the end result of Populism is Boris Johnson and Donald Trump "they're so funny and say the things everyone's thinking". Of course they are...

@Warcry. The EU referendum was a Conservative election promise. And here we are, having the great EU debate. A debate that is mostly being skewed by allsorts of bulls*** claims about how much we pay in, what we get out of EU Membership.

As a small island nation that used to rule the world, we have a much puffed up opinion of ourselves, when really we should take a step back and realize we can't fend for ourselves anymore and aren't the global superpower we think we are. Farming, for instance, is reliant on massive EU subsidies just to remain viable in the UK.

I do like it here, but its so petty and small-minded sometimes.

That said, I think the migrant crisis has really tipped things over the edge. Europe has made such a pig's ear of that. Say what you like about David Cameron, but he had the UK's approach down pat - help people in their own country to prevent them making the journey to Europe. Sadly, that's been forgotten in the screeching about them all coming over here to take our benefits. Sigh.

Also; nice to see football hooliganism returning for Euro 2016.
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