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I don't know if I'd worry so much about Trump. He seems like the sort of guy who'd loose interest immediately after getting the ego boost of winning the election, then spend the next four years alternately golfing and giving out tax breaks and cabinet posts to his buddies. Implementing world-destroying policies seems too much like hard work for someone like him.

I sincerely hope to never find out though, don't get me wrong.

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The imperialist mindset is hard to kill.
I'd imagine a lot of the older generations still remember being raised to think of the other European powers as the enemy, too, which doesn't help. It's probably a bit humbling for them to be united with old foes like Germany and France, or to accept countries who were hostile Cold War puppets a few decades ago as equals.

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Whilst the Queen has little real power, the equally unelected House of Lords does.
Similar to our Senate then, although senators are appointed party hacks rather than hereditary.

Does the House of Lords actually do anything to interfere with what the elected government passes, or do they spend all their time defrauding taxpayers, taking bribes from the prime minister's office and being investigated by police like our lovely upper house?
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