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Originally Posted by Patapsco View Post
One thing the House Of Lords did actually try to do right and exert an actual conscience on the government is this wherein they attempted to stop the government cutting benefits to the disabled. Unfortunately, the government enforced a "but it costs money" priviledge to overrule them
You know something's gone wrong when the out of touch hereditary aristocracy are the ones trying to protect the poor and vulnerable while those same people's elected representatives put the boot to them.

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I think he'd find himself a very impotent president.
He would certainly have a hard time pushing any of his policies through congress when both parties hate him. I could see him trying to abuse executive orders to get it done anyway, though, if he actually cares about the ideas he's pushing enough to try and implement them rather than it just being a big ego show.

Originally Posted by Hound View Post
Hillary on the other hand is well acquainted with what is involved with being in power in Washington DC and she's very in the pocket of those who hold real power. She's scary and she's almost certainly going to get elected.
I don't want to get too much into US politics, but it really says something when both parties have managed to nominate between them the two least-popular serious presidential candidates since pollsters have started tracking candidate popularity. The Republicans are especially mental because they've known for years that they'd be facing Hillary and just how unpopular she was. And yet somehow all the boring-but-solid people who would have beaten her in a cakewalk got run out of town on a rail and the only two people who got serious support in the primaries were the two crazy extremists she had a solid chance of beating. I don't see how they could have sabotaged their own chances any worse short of nominating Dick Cheney.

(And yes, Hillary seems to be nearly as shit as Trump, for all the reasons you described and many, many more.)

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While we have a handful of meat heads that's mainly the Russians. Their football fans are ours thirty years ago, right down to systematic racism in domestic games.
I dunno, I'm pretty sure it was the British fans who paraded through Marseilles's Muslim neighbourhoods chanting for ISIS to come out so they could kick their butts...

Football hooliganism is crazy stuff, though. I'm honestly surprised that no North American sports have developed that sort of fan culture, especially American football where the fan experience seems to come down to getting as drunk as physically possible as they drag fifteen minutes of gameplay out over four hours. Though I suppose geography plays a big role. It's a lot easier for fans of rival clubs to travel across the UK en masse than it is to get a few thousand baseball or hockey fans from Anaheim to Toronto.
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