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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
I dunno, I'm pretty sure it was the British fans who paraded through Marseilles's Muslim neighbourhoods chanting for ISIS to come out so they could kick their butts...
ENGLISH fans, dude. ENGLISH. I'm not having the Welsh and Nirish taking credit for the actions of our ****ing idiots.

Major difference is that if our fans try that shit over here they tend to be ejected, banned and disowned. Russia's official reaction seems to have been "well done guys, keep up the good work!"

We've got idiots, definitely. But we're working hard to make them the minority. Russia seem to think it's all perfectly fine and within the spirit of things.

They're hosting the next world cup, too. Which will be great fun.

Football hooliganism is crazy stuff, though. I'm honestly surprised that no North American sports have developed that sort of fan culture, especially American football where the fan experience seems to come down to getting as drunk as physically possible as they drag fifteen minutes of gameplay out over four hours. Though I suppose geography plays a big role. It's a lot easier for fans of rival clubs to travel across the UK en masse than it is to get a few thousand baseball or hockey fans from Anaheim to Toronto.
Yeah, I get the impression that "away support" isn't really as big a thing over there. A lot of it comes from incredibly drunk people deciding that it's not about sport so much as it is a turf war. ****ing idiotic films that glamourise the shit don't really help either.
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