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That's actually not very different from our Senate, then. Appointees here are also usually big party donors, businessmen, token activists and the like, people that the governing party wants to give a government paycheque to but don't want to give any actual power and/or don't trust enough to let them run for Parliament.

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Remember, the Philadelphia Eagles stadium used to have a courthouse and jail built in because their fans were so bad - I think the general consensus is "don't go to a game in Philly with the visiting teams jersey on, bad things will happen to you"
That's definitely true Philly can be a bit rough. And Oakland/the Bay Area in general is another hot spot for that kind of nonsense. But random drunken violence is a much different animal from what sometimes happens in Europe. Fan violence is never a good thing, but there's a big difference between drunks throwing fists and organized gangs of hooligans roaming the stands and streets looking to start brawls.
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