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Default **** off, Morlocks!

No, seriously. These guys are the worst. How many times are they going to recycle the exact same "Some Morlocks kidnap a character, Masque makes them ugly and they try to force them to stay in the sewers dressed in ripped fetish gear" plot? It was tedious and stupid the first time around when they kidnapped Angel, and they get progressively more annoying with each appearance. Or am I supposed to be eagerly counting down the days until Mutant Massacre?

Get your shit together, Chris-Claremont-from-30-years-ago!

Seriously though, is there much point continuing on with his run after the mid-1980s? I loved the hell out of the first 80 issues or so of him writing the "new" team, but it seems like there's been a noticeable dip in quality not long after Rogue showed up, and now there's ****ing Morlocks every three issues, plots appearing/disappearing half-way through because of crossovers with Secret Wars/New Mutants/whatever the hell else, the writing is leaning really hard on the "mutants are just like black people" crutch and Kitty is really enjoying calling black folks who aren't supportive of the mutant cause "niggers" to make a point. And now the next issue up is apparently them having to rescue Arcade from Doctor Doom, which would sound fun if the exact same plot hadn't already happened four years ago.

Is this just a hiccup, or is it a Budianskyesque "I'm completely out of ideas and don't want to do this anymore but people are going to keep paying me to for another five years!" moment?
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