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Didn't read X-Men around that time, but yeah, Claremont was kept on way longer than he should have been.

My own exposure to the Morlocks was an ill-advised 'guest appearance' in (wait for it) Ghost Rider. I thought they were stupid. And yes, all living underground in filth because they looked funny. And had kidnapped some children because... reasons. Also guessed starred X-Factor .. which confused me as it wasn't the X-Factor I was expecting, but the original X-Men in a flying alien building with a small boy.

Really sucked the gritty urban edge Ghost Rider had going on right out of the book and was one of the most mediocre stories GR ever had. Best bit was when Blackout killed one of the Morlocks. Shame he didn't do them all in, he'd have been doing us all a favour.
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