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Bestest thing about this thread is that the current arc of Uncanny has the Morlocks in it as well. Albeit they're the ones being kidnapped this time, but y'know, lolz.

Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Didn't read X-Men around that time, but yeah, Claremont was kept on way longer than he should have been.
And we're not even into that bit yet. It's when he comes back in 2000 that he really starts to take a shit on his own legacy/reputation.

No, seriously, it picks up again. The post Fall of the Mutants stuff in Australia is much better. I think. You're pretty much stuck with sporadic Morlock exposure up until Mutant Massacre (circa #210). Possibly beyond. It's been a while and the bit of my brain that remembers specific old X-details has melted because reasons.

Also guessed starred X-Factor .. which confused me as it wasn't the X-Factor I was expecting, but the original X-Men in a flying alien building with a small boy.
Proper X-Factor, yo. From before the "er, I guess we'd better come up with something new so we don't have to cancel the book" years.

And from before the ****ing excellent X-Factor Investigations years.
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