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Originally Posted by Skyquake87 View Post
Really sucked the gritty urban edge Ghost Rider had going on right out of the book and was one of the most mediocre stories GR ever had. Best bit was when Blackout killed one of the Morlocks. Shame he didn't do them all in, he'd have been doing us all a favour.
I've never even heard of this Blackout before, but he's now my hero.

Originally Posted by Brendocon 2.0 View Post
Bestest thing about this thread is that the current arc of Uncanny has the Morlocks in it as well. Albeit they're the ones being kidnapped this time, but y'know, lolz.
Goddammit they're still around after thirty years? You'd think someone would have realized how terrible they are and quietly dropped them from existence in the interim.

And now Cyclops has randomly turned into a neglectful husband and negligent father, a man too busy adventuring to call his pregnant wife for the last month of her pregnancy, and too busy pouting over Xavier disappearing to space with his girlfriend (even though he's already done so at least once before and come back) and fighting what he hoped to be a one-sided duel with Storm than spending any time with his son after he was born. I get that they're trying to "reset" the character so that he can go off and do his X-Factor thing without baggage, but surely they could have found a way to do so that didn't involve complete and utter character assassination?

I don't even like Cyclops but dammit was that uncomfortable to read.
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