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Originally Posted by Warcry View Post
Goddammit they're still around after thirty years? You'd think someone would have realized how terrible they are and quietly dropped them from existence in the interim.
They've not been mentioned in a while and they have basically been used here as a plot device to get to something else. Admittedly that other thing is basically a retread of a GenX plotline from the 90s, but hey ho.

The biggest problem with superhero comics these days is that Marvel own the IP. Which means there's no mileage in a writer actually creating something new when they come onto a book. And why should they? Do a stint for Marvel or DC using the existing toys and then keep any new ideas for a creator-owned series with Image/whoever. Occasionally new concepts do leak in, but overall there's not much incentive to bother coming up with anything genuinely new these days.

So if you're writing a mutant story and you need to go underground for some reason... well, why not grab the Morlocks off the shelf rather than trying to come up with something else.

And now Cyclops has randomly turned into a neglectful husband and negligent father, a man too busy adventuring to call his pregnant wife for the last month of her pregnancy, and too busy pouting over Xavier disappearing to space with his girlfriend (even though he's already done so at least once before and come back) and fighting what he hoped to be a one-sided duel with Storm than spending any time with his son after he was born. I get that they're trying to "reset" the character so that he can go off and do his X-Factor thing without baggage, but surely they could have found a way to do so that didn't involve complete and utter character assassination?

I don't even like Cyclops but dammit was that uncomfortable to read.
Yeahhhhh... Cyclops has always been a dick. I feel the key to understanding the character is that "being in charge of the X-Men" is basically all he feels he's good at, to the extent that he'll sabotage everything around him to carry on doing it. New baby? Basically has to be kicked out of the X-Men by Storm in order to go and be a parent, and even then runs off to reform the original team the first opportunity he gets.

It's not behaviour I'll defend or justify... and it's not particularly easy to sit through. But I find in general he's easier to understand when viewed through that lens.

Warren's the rich, pretty one who can fly.
Hank's the smart one AND the strong one.
Bobby's the funny, cool (literally) one.
Jean's the girl one.
And Cyclops is the poor lil orphan who can't look anybody in the eye. So Xavier makes him team leader in order to give him a purpose. And the responsibility completely ****s him up to the point it's the only thing he can do.

Admittedly I'd imagine this was almost certainly never the intention of Stan or Claremont, but as something applied in retrospect it certainly helps.
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