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The biggest problem with superhero comics these days is that Marvel own the IP. Which means there's no mileage in a writer actually creating something new when they come onto a book. And why should they? Do a stint for Marvel or DC using the existing toys and then keep any new ideas for a creator-owned series with Image/whoever. Occasionally new concepts do leak in, but overall there's not much incentive to bother coming up with anything genuinely new these days.
That's a part of the problem, but only part of it. There'd be a lot less motivation to save the good ideas for creator-owned stuff if the Marvel and DC were still capable of selling comics at the same level as the 80s or 90s. Then there'd be a financial motivation for the writers to stay on high-profile books and give it their all.

There's also the problem of so many writers these days being fanboys who want to reset the status quo on their books to something resembling what they enjoyed as kids, throwing out a lot of the previous writers ideas, changes and characters in the process. Add the fact that the audience has been boiled down to hardcore fanboys with the same urges and you get an ugly feedback loop where nothing ever changes because too many people involved on both sides of the equation are motivated by nostalgia.

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Yeahhhhh... Cyclops has always been a dick. I feel the key to understanding the character is that "being in charge of the X-Men" is basically all he feels he's good at, to the extent that he'll sabotage everything around him to carry on doing it. New baby? Basically has to be kicked out of the X-Men by Storm in order to go and be a parent, and even then runs off to reform the original team the first opportunity he gets.
That's true, but it annoys me to no end because Claremont kept developing the character in a different direction and writing him as a responsible adult only to chicken out and tug him back. It reads almost like Scott's a drug long as he's kept away from the X-Men he's perfectly capable of leading a normal, healthy life, but as soon as he's in the same room as them he can't stop himself from throwing on the tights, undermining Storm or whoever else was in charge and trying to play the hero. Dude really should have gone off on the Starjammer with his dad just to get away from the temptation. Which would be great except I'm pretty sure that's not been the intention until maybe the last couple issues.

And what the heck happened to Nightcrawler being team leader? Dude was in charge for like a year's worth of issues. Then Cyclops and Storm both return out of nowhere (explained in issues of a different series I've not read, I'm sure) and are duelling over who gets to be in charge even though one of them has retired three times in the last five years and the other isn't even a mutant anymore. And not a word gets mentioned about Kurt being boss, even though he was doing a bang-up job.

(The best part of the last few issues has been Wolverine's repeated inner monologues -- directed to his own fans and maybe Marvel's editors as well -- about how he'd be a terrible leader and you should stop asking for him to be in charge just because he's popular.)
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