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No time to go looking for interview, but gossip...

Originally Posted by OptimushedPrime
Supposedly from that interview with Chris Sterrat of Dr Wu.....

-HasTak is directly competing with 3P by releasing MPs every month.
-Keith owns everything.
-There are only about four people running all third party companies.
-Talk of a "middleman" who distributes to Asia who bullies all third parties. All American companies get their stock from him.
-There is a LOT of drama behind the scenes.
-Spinout was a POS on purpose. There's another Sunstreaker coming out soon and Spinout's manufacturing was sabotaged to appear inferior.
-Quality issues are usually caused by bad assembly team (designs are too complicated for them to understand) or rushed mold process.
-Dr. Wu goes to the factory himself to supervise assembly of his products.
-Dr. Wu (the person) doesn't get along with Keith. He is also a real doctor.
-HasTak like to show up at third party factories. They also like to talk with the 3P designers and share ideas.
-HasTak had a MP Bruticus in the works for the Year of the Decepticon, one Combaticon every other month. This was canned.
-Galvatron was planned for 2015, but was messed up because of Takara's designer.
-Designs for 3P figures are purposefully sabotaged so that upgrades can be made later to make more money.
-3P has inside info on new Takara releases, usually because of Takara employees blabbing.

If it's all true it's pretty funny really

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