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-HasTak is directly competing with 3P by releasing MPs every month.

Well obvs.

-Keith owns everything.

He doesn't own me.

-There are only about four people running all third party companies.


-Talk of a "middleman" who distributes to Asia who bullies all third parties. All American companies get their stock from him.

Sounds like a standard wholesaler.

-There is a LOT of drama behind the scenes.

That's life.

-Quality issues are usually caused by bad assembly team (designs are too complicated for them to understand) or rushed mold process.

Well yeah.

-HasTak like to show up at third party factories. They also like to talk with the 3P designers and share ideas.

Makes sense. Common practice in China to visit/inspect other factories to see how things are done differently, so TT would obviously know where stuff's being made and the designers likely all know each other anyway.

-Designs for 3P figures are purposefully sabotaged so that upgrades can be made later to make more money.

I'm not sure "sabotage" is quite the right word for the practice, but so long as replacement parts continue to get bundled with stuff I was going to buy anyway, it's no skin off my nose.

-3P has inside info on new Takara releases, usually because of Takara employees blabbing.

See previous comments about them all likely knowing each other anyway.

So, er, yeah. A mixture of things that are either obvious or common sense deductions. The Bruticus/Galvatron bits are new and interesting. Would be interested to hear exactly how Galvatron "got messed up because of Takara's designer", as that seems rather handwavey.
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