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Originally Posted by inflatable dalek View Post
From Newsarama (who use a somewhat clickbaitey "Barber Out" headline as if he's been sacked when it seems to be entirely amicable).
And that's from what tends to be (imo) the least sensationalist of the online comics news sites.

He's still going to be writing his books, but on editorial we've got Denton Tipton back as Senior Editor and the unfamiliar to me Sarah Gaydos directly responsible for the Hasbro stuff.
Gaydos seems to have been knocking about on IDW's Star Trek stuff for a while, plus looks to have edited some of the DC filler books (Smallville season 11, etc). Quite a few crossover issues on the IDW side, so presumably that means she's got experience of juggling different franchises.

If my understanding of structure is right, sounds like Tipton will be ultimately responsible for the books, but Gaydos will be in charge of most of the writer management and co-ordination.
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