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It does, if not completely kick the legs out from, then at least badly cripple the idea that Revolution was an entirely IDW idea driven by Barber rather than something worked from a very careful Hasbro mandate. "Here's this amazing thing I've come up with and I'm really excited about and now I'm off before it even really gets going like some sort of a Leave supporting MP!"
Which I think we'd pretty much sussed out on here. Not surprised Barber's pulled out of wanting to be in charge of and idea that hasn't been terribly well received. Not helped by Ryall's amazing PR skills.

So it makes sense that Tipton's the man to deliver it.

I'd agree with Mr Dalek, Barber has been a a generally steady and capable pair of hands, making sense of IDWs messed up continuity and writing a book that, whilst not my cup of tea, has been pretty solid throughout and at the very least held its own against other mainstream comic books.
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