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We'll look into that then. The format with the bonus stuff was shamelessly stolen from the About Time books.

on the misplaced columns, I did look into editing the file on Lulu, but it seems (presumably because it has an ISBN number and therefore you can't just change the content) that I'd have had to start over and create a new book, which would have confused things in terms of aforementioned ISBN and Amazon listings.

Plus, I wasn't sure if it would be fair on people who bought early to present a better version almost immediately afterwards. If I ever get round to doing an ebook version, that'll be sorted as it'll probably just be straight text anyway.

I have started on Book 2, with the introduction, acknowledgements and "The Story of the Transformers--So Far!" sections done in first draft form. Though it's taken me long enough that it's probably going to be 2017 rather than before Christmas.

This may also be the time to mention I've sold two short stories to Mad Scientist Journal. The exciting one is for a proper book anthology:, but even before that has been published they bought another for their March quarterly (which you'll then be able to read for free on the website in June. Based on that lead in time the Fitting In Book should be about Christmas/New Year as well), that's how good it is.

Plus the second story has me totally libel Denyer.

Expect lots more on this as these come out.
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