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Interesting thing about the addendums, do other folk feel the same? We can always change that for the next one.
Yeah. No longer own any About Time volumes and the layouts and effect on being annoying to dip into was a small part of that. The much bigger part was them being dry as f*ck a lot of the time and with an interest in detail bordering on the pathological, admittedly.

I've probably mentioned before but if the footer disclaimer is kept it needs a bit more margin between it and the page text.

Originally Posted by Warcry
If I live to be a hundred I'll never understand the love you Brits have for Geoff Senior. He's fine and all, but I enjoy the work of a lot of other Marvel TF artists more than his.
Hard lines and shading techniques. It's mostly done to be presented in black and white, and balances expressiveness with relative minimalism a lot of the time. Didn't work well with modern colouring when he popped back on the Titan movie comic (although having to simplify the movie designs didn't help).
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