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So, from some of what we see it it makes the whole mutiny by Getaway look a lot more reasonable - the plan would have appeared to be that he would give over Megs to the Galactic council and there was no plan to involve the DJD. And this makes more sense that the rest of the crew followed him - they wanted rid of megs (and maybe see him killed) and kinda wanted rid of the Rodimus crew as well for the many other reasons that had many of the crew ready to leave anyway.

It also clears up Overlords repair and why he appeared some what out of nowhere. Good work overall on all this. It ties up some of the issues that were nagging in a perfectly sensible way. Well almost. Why would the Galactic Council feel the need to repair Overlord to get Megatron? They would surely have the tech to take him out on their own. I can only assume they wanted Megatron to die at the hands of another Transformer to carry on the bad rep of the cybertronian race as a bunch of murdering savages

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