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Typing this on the way out the door to see Star Trek after no sleep, but here's details on the renamed books and new creative teams, including some promoted fan artists on interiors:

The big thing was Alex Milne did not know he was not going to be the artist on Lost Light until he was told about what was talked about on the panel on twitter. So once again James Roberts had to do some bad PR damage limitation by explaining the book was actually going to have two rotating artists, changing with each arc, with Milne being the second. Which left Milne mightlily ****ed still as this was still the first he'd heard of it and he wanted to be the guy drawing issue 1 (conversely Adrew Griffith knew he wasn't on Optimus Prime and was making badly timed "Have I been sacked?" jokes). His twitter feed basically went through all the stages of denial and added some new ones during the early hours. I'm not entirely sure he'll take the part time offer now.

With the increasing need for fill in artists on both books having a rotating team makes sense, but this isn't just a PR fail (if you're promoting a book you know is going to have two regular artists, why not mention both? Presumably OP will have two as well), it's just bad employer behaviour. You shouldn't have to learn you're going part time from the person taking up half your working hours turning up.
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