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Old art so hopefully JL has gotten sharper since --

I'd have been more excited about seeing Golby sequentials if it wasn't a Barber "Earth" book... certainly a great cover/poster artist, and the reason I'd consider picking it up. The writer's had occasional stories of interest but the setting's not provided much of anything I've particularly wanted to read since Infiltration/Escalation. The setting on Cybertron likewise for the most part.

Working on the assumption of being on board for LL MTMTE if it gets rolled forward by Forbidden Planet. Odds are I'm going to miss out anything else by not picking through solicits, and it'd make more sense to switch to trades that'll presumably collect relevant stuff, if at all... certainly not feeling that singles buyers are anything more than a test audience for a bunch of new shit thrown against a wall to see what sticks. Didn't notice Visionaries there, versus previous news, which might suggest it's already facing the same fate as the original. Don't think that M.A.S.K. has any great legs apart from as a sub-line of Joes, either. They haven't been modern comics to date because nobody's opted to license them and Hasbro hasn't previously steered anyone to take them as a condition of other licences, none of which suggests meaningful untapped audiences.

Overall the reveals and direction of the TF books sound, particularly with apparent lacks of communication with creators, to be at best "maybe they won't **** with MTMTE too much" and more consistently marketing that's toxic and makes me not want to have anything else to do with IDW as a reader.

Clarifications would have to be a lot more positive in August to have any enthusiasm. Feeling it's going to be forced smiles or slumped shoulders.
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