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Originally Posted by Brimstone View Post
I've been looking around this site, and even the web, and I'm having trouble discerning what the heck this new Combiner Wars cartoon is that is coming out next month.
It's a cartoon called Combiner Wars, based off the toyline of the same name.

It talks about this multi-media event called the Prime Wars Trilogy?? What...the actual...[foxtrot]?? It uses the same logo as the toys and the IDW comics, but it can't be the same continuity as the comics, it seems.
Prime Wars is the name given to the trilogy of toylines comprised of Combiner Wars, Titans Return and whatever comes after.

I wouldn't expect it to be the same continuity as the comics in the same way that the cartoons have pretty much always been a separate continuity to the comics.

That's pretty much all the information I'm aware of, tbh.
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