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Well, that was unexpected, but damn did I enjoy this issue.

Sure, a few stretching of ideas here and there but overall very satisfying end to season 2 and another good cliffhanger to lead us into the Lost Light series.

Major spoiler below

SPOILER! (select to read)
So... Tarn is ****ing Glitch! Did not see that coming at all. I actually had to go back to check the little we see of glitch (shadowplays bank heist) and even then I still couldnt quite get the link. I suppose there is some pointers in hindsight. Glitch maybe learned to speak to individual parts of a transformer which allows him to switch off an opponents spark.

And even though Skids clearly doesnt know who Tarn is, Tarn did seem overly familiar with him in issues 48/49 (although that would have worked if it was Roller too)

We also know that Tarn was heavily rebuilt from the little glimpse in issue 39. But still. How could anyone have guessed this, especially without so many clues hinting to roller.

Enter Thisisunicron. He guessed it a year ago. Well done that man. Click here for the proof

I did love the Roller reveal though. Just when it seemed like We would see Tran revealed as Roller we get the cutback to the real roller - Had to say, I laughed at that. Very well done.

I'd be curious if we will get a flashback to anything more on Tarn/glitch. I'd still be curious on the hows and whys of it. But the overall impact of this to me was that Tarn was exposed as the sham he was. A Pale imitation of Megatron who begged for mercy despite never showing any. As good a death a villain should get.

And RIP Ravage. The little shot of Soundwave was heartfelt and was an odd callback to the similar scene in remain in light

I thought this was all really good. A very good end and as good a spot as any to end the series.
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