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Last month it was Brexit keeping me distracted from a full write up, now it's honest-Your-Current-SIM-Will-Fit-In-Your-New-Phone-We're-Not-Wrong-Like-Last-Time-Oh-No!-it. Random thoughts, some pulled from conversations with other people:

I think there's no finer example of James' skill as a writer than the Tarn reveal. On paper there's no way it should have worked. If it's Roller it's an anticlimax because we all guessed. If it's just some guy it's an anticlimax because why make it a mystery? But an epic rug pull made it awesome. And moving.

And for an expected bloodbath, we actually wound up with many more minus fatalities as the final score. And a happy ending!

Not sure about the Nightbeat/Rung/Titans lead in yet. Though it did make me wonder if James has read Ringworld (just a few weeks after I thought the same about Budiansky on the blog), I expected Rung to go "You can learn a lot about a world from studying its underside.." (and perhaps more to the point in the second book they briefly fly under the map of Earth on the way to Mars and see home the wrong way up. And the Ringworld was built by what turns out to be the ancestors of humanity...).

I assume the Geo Bomb was the Other Means the GC were looking at at the start?

Oh, and though we all guessed the crew weren't fully aware of Getaway's plan, I don't think any of us thought even he didn't know the DJD were coming.

Ahhhh, we thought it was a bit contrived Overlord just happened to turn up when and where he did, when it was the DJD who were there by coincidence!

And the Necrobot was a nice man all along. I'm not sure why the DJD didn't go for the "Organics" the first time they were there though. Unless they thought they'd wait whilst they went to get Vos dealt with? Presumably they weren't fooled or they wouldn't have come back.

Actually, what woke the sleepers up?

And I never thought for a second that Ravage would really die. The cut to Soundwave was brilliantly done as well. I actually like how Roberts (as with Pipes back in Overlord) decides to focus on a small number of death's and make you feel them rather than the big blood bath battle. Skids never got to find out his pal Roller survived!

And of course, the lovely ambuiguity over what Ravage was actually asking for at the end there.

So, season 3 (or LL season 1. What is the form here?) is indeed going to be Red Dwarf VI. Which is about the only prediction I made I actually got right! Only Team Rodimus is going to be quite a bit larger...

Actually, is this where I point out that James wrote on my copy of issue 50 that season 3 was going to be entirely based around the Pete two parter? EXCLUSIVE.
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