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Sue effing perb!

SPOILER! (select to read)

I loved the pacing of this, the reveals (Tarns identity, what Megatron was doing in his room all this time, the pixel perfect entrance made by Roller). Ravage's dialogue was brilliant and Megatron was willing to go full retard inside the bubble and send himself to kingdom come along with the DJD. Loved the wordless exchange he shared with Rodimus.Brainstorm being put in his place was awesome. Megatron has styled himself on Terminus all this time, they look like brothers. Also, Lieutenant Terminus got new legs!

My only criticism is that the DJD didn't get to fight Megatron. Action scenes were minimised, and even though what happened to each team member was brutal, it felt like a case of 'skip to the end' rather than any full-on ruck (I couldn't even make out what was happening to Tesarus).Is this the first time we've seen Megatron use his anti-matter ability since issue 103 of the Marvel UK series? And the Megatron hug was so cool.

I've a few questions:
  • How did Glitch/Demus come to leave Pax?
  • Is the last briefcase now fried?
  • How did the Necrobot work out that a seemingly empty briefcase was in a fact a time-travel device?
  • General Neech on Page 1 has facial scarring similar to Tarn, there must be a Transformer-related reason for that!
  • What's Overlord's motivation now he doesn't need Megatron any more? Will he go on a reading holiday?
  • In the Roller reveal, standing to the left of him is a Decepticon. I wonder how that guy is going to react and why he went missing in the first place?
  • Loved the table-flip, referencing Issue 1 and Prowl's tendency to do that. I wonder if that's a link to the fact that Prowl is a knockoff (the penultimate issue of Remain in Light), could Prowl be a knockoff derived from Megatron?


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