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The high water mark for me are The One Where They Go To Earth and The Not Knowing, and this doesn't come close to either of those. I think most of my main complaints are that all of the tension was drained in order to tie up the loose ends. I mean, did anyone really think that Brainstorm or Rodimus or Cyclonus or Chromedome or Rewind or Megatron were really going to get offed? We were promised a shift in the status quo, and what we got was an influx of new characters to throw into the background, a removal of five boogeymen and replaced them with one bogeyman and one bogeyorganisation (it's a word). It felt... lazy I suppose.

But as I said in my main post, pages 16-18 are absolute superb, and the arc's had high points, but the flaws in the writing are there for all to see, and they've been there through the whole season

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