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Disappointment, AKA Florida

I suppose I can concede that I think the DJD were as feared as they were because they had gotten psych warfare down and even could have conceded having the other three go down easily but... There just feels like such an enormus missed oppurtunity betwen Megs and Tarn to dish out philosophy while they traded blows.

Maybe its the fact I was a marm for Tarn because the second I saw him I just fell in love with the concept of a bot utterly zealotus the point of becoming the worst kind of monstwr for a cause that originally held such good behind it. And the sudden reveal that he was more of a Megatron stalker then a Decepticon zealot, while founded... Just seems to gave really undercut what made the char so interesting. Again maybe this is just bitter griping but, missed opportunities abound.

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