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Originally Posted by Selkadoom View Post
It had so much potential to be great but relied far too heavily on assumptions and coincidences regarding Megatrons master plan
I have to agree.

As a guy who writes a lot, I know that sometimes a writer has a bit of an "oh shit" moment and realizes he's going to need to pull something from his ass in order to make a plot work out the way he wants it to. It's unfortunate, but it happens, and I try not to judge it too harshly if what's going on around it was entertaining. But this issue was nothing but ass-pulls.

Megatron has Trailbreaker's forcefield thingy! Which was never hinted at!

Megatron can use his black hole connection for a power source! Which was never hinted at!

Megatron has actually never been able to use his black hole power before and has been trying since his conversion to do it! Which actually goes against an offhand comment of Ratchet's (I think?) in an earlier issue!

Rewind found a magic guilt weapon! Because why bother writing a couple more panels of dialogue showing Deathsaurus and Nickel coming to their senses when a deus ex machina will do?

Overlord ****ed off because potato, after contributing nothing to the arc at all other than a couple quips and a spread page! Because the guy who murders for fun suddenly has no interest in getting revenge on the Autobots who shot him into space and ruined his life's mission of fighting Megatron to the death!

The Necrobot has Brainstorm's time machine! Which was never hinted at!

You can use a single briefcase as a time machine! Which goes against the whole previously described concept of the thing!

After years of buildup and hints, Tarn turns out to be...some random background guy! Even though that guy had a completely different superpower and zero motivation for joining the Decepticons!

Roller and Terminus and a bunch of other nobodies are magically alive! Because all the Necrobot needed to convince him to change the life he'd been devoted to for millions of years was one self-absorbed lecture from Nightbeat!

And like I said, a few of those in the issue would have been forgivable. But practically every second page there was another eyeroll-inducing "really?" moment. It's a testament to Roberts' ability to make his characters engaging that the issue was still entertaining in spite of that. And you know, I don't think I actually blame him for this. This issue felt like someone pulling the emergency chute on a year's worth of plot and reveals all at once so that all the loose ends are tied up for a corporate-mandated crossover and "new start". Which, as we all know, is exactly what's going to happen in a couple months' time.

If this is actually how Roberts planned to have it all end...well, if it is, he'd be a hack, and I don't think he is. But if this is him rushing to tie everything up on short notice, well, it could have been a lot worse (see Furman, S. and Revelations...) and the fact that it holds together as well as it does would be a minor miracle. It's a real shame it couldn't have ended better, and the increased meddling we've seen from Hasbro over the last few years really doesn't make me feel all that inclined to invest in the successor book. After all, given past patterns all we've got to look forward to more of the same because some suit in Pawtucket as got it in their head that the scant few thousand people who read the books are going to be brainwashed into going out and buy a Fortress Maximus after they torpedoed a popular ongoing narrative to shill him.

It was a find ride while it lasted, but Hasbro seem to be doing their absolute best to strangle it. I don't know if I can muster the energy to care about what comes next, I really don't.

Originally Posted by Patapsco View Post
There was precisely no tension at all, and that all boils down to this: in a fight between 500 Decepticons and the 20-ish Lost Lighters, the 20 odd inflict dozens of casualties and fatalities whereas one Lost Lighter bites it at the hand of the enemy. I've said it before but there are multiple instances where one of the more principle characters can die and Roberts has failed to pull the trigger and he's backed away from it. Oh, sure, Skids died but he willingly sacrificed himself for the greater good. And somehow 500 Decepticons could only manage to dismember Ravage? Get. The. F***. Out.
It's even worse than you think! Because the one and only person they actually managed to kill was a fellow Decepticon.

That's right, a five hundred strong army of Decepticon badasses and they didn't even manage to kill a single person wearing an Autobot badge.

Originally Posted by Patapsco View Post
However... somehow, some way Roberts should be recognised with some sort of proper award not dished out by a website (sorry Comics Alliance) for the way he's written Megatron in this season. Again, just my view, but he's the best written Transformers character in any fiction by such a large margin, but one of the best characters in comics today and I think that that should be noted and recognised outside of the Big 2 studios
Can't argue with this. The way Megatron was written over the last thirtyish issues was, honestly, amazing. And considering all the eye-rolling that the readership did when it was announced, it's equally amazing just how well received the whole thing has been.

Originally Posted by Red Dave Prime View Post
I think Roberts was aiming for quality over quantity in terms of his deaths but the fact that the cons killed no-one made them seem like less of a threat and did take from the drama. Swerve, Ten, Drift, Whirl - anyone of these would have made an excellent sacrifice.
The choice of who to kill off really seemed odd to me too. I mean, Skids can **** off and all, but it really seemed like the character was going to play a big role in the resolution of the Knights arc. I did a little happy dance when he died, but narratively it seemed like an odd call. And Ravage likewise...he was the only one of the newcomers post-Dark Cybertron who managed to get fully fleshed out or to really feel like a member of the crew instead of an awkwardly pasted in appendix. Assuming his new Titans Return toy doesn't mandate an immediate return to life, it's a shame to lose him.

Ravage's death felt a bit odd to me too, because his injuries certainly didn't seem any more severe than...well, than a whole host of people in earlier Roberts-penned issues who easily survived. People have been torn in half or had their faces shot off with barely any comment, but Ravage dies from it? I get that it's a "rule of drama" sort of thing, but honestly the death didn't work dramatically either because the push towards darkness that it gave Megatron was instantly cancelled out by Terminus walking in the door.

Originally Posted by tahukanuva View Post
I really don't understand the complaints about the lack of main cast deaths in this comic. We've lost a pretty fair amount of the regulars this season, including Ravage, one of the few main cast members to be inportant pre-MtMtE, but still "more people should have died". No one does this with other comics. You don't expect to lose an Aquaman or a Martian Manhunter every single Justice League arc. There's like, 3,000 X-Men and even they kill off main cast members more sparingly than Roberts. Why would you even want to lose more main dudes? That means you can't use them in any more stories! Such a weird complaint.
I don't think the problem is a lack of deaths per se. I think the problem is constantly putting the lead characters into situations where it makes zero sense for everyone to get out alive and then having them do just that, along with the perpetual "end an issue making it look like a main character is dead, only to immediately back out" BS.

If you don't want to kill characters then don't, but don't constantly pretend like you're going to, then back out at the last second while going "ha ha, fooled you!"
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