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I love all the intricacy and poring back through the issues. Feels fun, detailed and full of meaty goodness for banter in places like this. If I had a choice between MTMTE and G2 levels of details, I'd definitely go for the former.

I've not read a lot of other comics, but I am reading Watchmen at the moment, and I like it and MTMTE equally, even with all the fake out deaths.

However, I'm really interested in your comment about Outliers and how Megatron appropriated Trailcutter's special ability. That does feel rather cheap now you mention it, despite Ravage's comments about Megatron being the smartest guy in the room. Now Megatron's mastered anti-matter AND Ratchet levels of surgery! (although he has spent about two million and two years working on harnessing anti-matter).

There must be a story coming soon about Glitch's heel turn to justify the four year wait. Pax royally screwing him over or something? So even if it stings of cheapness now, maybe this issue isn't the final issue in the TPB.
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