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Briefly touching upon it---I agree with a few points raised and disagree with others.

As a whole, a few things were highlighted in the past, but ever so briefly or fleetingly that it makes sense they only click now.

Megatron's black hole powers were alluded to twice, in passing, by Ratchet. He was also seen holding Trailbreaker's hand when he left the morgue, although that was a bit too convenient [so nobody at the burial noticed that he was missing a hand?].

Other things make sense retroactively, but you have to really think about them.

Overlord leaving made sense. In every single appearance that we have him fighting Autobots and/or Decepticons, he does so to be noticed by Megatron, or to escape a ship of Autobots and head for killing Megatron. He wants to kill Megatron because Megatron has been the absolute bully in Overlord's life. Overlord is a top-tier Cybertronian both in mind and body, but he's always kept under check and intimidated by Megatron. His satisfaction in life would stem from making the universe see that HE is the ultimate bully, not somebody else. As his aggressor seemingly went catatonic, Overlord's purpose just ceased to exist.

Tarn's [and the rest of the DJD's] reveals were both anti-climatic but they also made sense in a narrative way.

The mystery behind Tarn was finding the missing link between him and Roller. We were slowly fed hint after hint and it made sense---the guy had all the credentials. Form, potential disfigurement, addiction, fantastic strength, attachment to a leadership figure, abandonment issues...he had it all.

Even up until the fated speech panel, I thought that it was an epic trolling. Initially I thought that Megatron was not killing them, I thought that some irregularity took place and he was sending them back in time in their primitive forms when the five Cybertronians [inc Roller] emerged. Then it hit me, as Kaon is no longer with them so there's one extra, and then Glitch hits...

In the end, it all boils down to Overlord's perfect line---"you are just a thug with a mask". Because despite the pretense and even the DJD spotlight issue, that's all Tarn ever was. A nobody rising to great heights due to the proverbial strength of the mask he wore, and of course all the power augmentations. That's why it was so fitting and also so anti-climatic--Tarn is Tarn. Whatever story he had disappeared once he put the mask on and embraced what he could do behind it.

The same goes for his other [3] fellows. They were nobodies. Their names were very generic. They reminded me of Ambulon's team; nobodies with generic names pertaining to an appendix or a mode they had. I would not be surprised if Kaon's real name was Chair-on or something.

On the whole, I would rank this season finale alongside Remain in Light but for different reasons. It was weaker in some aspects and stronger in others. It is an excellent Megatron character highlight but to the detriment of others.

Remain in Light had many things going on at once---Tailgate's imminent death, Ultra Magnus's character struggle between his colleagues and the one figure he put beyond all, Rodimus's ego clashes and humbling down, Cyclonus's internal struggle between the berserker and the carer...

Dying of the Light was 85% Megatron and perhaps 15% devoted to others, with prominence to Dominus Ambus. Drift and Rodimus made up within one page. Nautica had her moment in a couple of pages. Skid's story was resolve in a very rushed and almost non-event way.

I do wonder where this will lead us. Megatron is finally unchecked. He's got the power and the abilities to do everything he wants now. Rodimus saving him was a very nice touch---they are slowly but surely getting a younger brother/older mentor type of relationship, where each one is more important to the other than they care to admit. Will this be enough for Megatron to stay, or are we getting a Megatron-less S3 cast?

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