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For those complaining about Megatron appropriating an Outlier ability from Trailbreaker, technically he didn't. As I recall, the Panic Bubble was something Brainstorm made for Trailcutter.
Why everyone else didn't have one, probably that most would be unable to power it. It would make sense that Trailmix's Outlier abilities let him use it while Megatron had to tap a black hole to power it.
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One other thing that bugged me was the panic bubble. "Nothing gets in or out for 30 minutes" (Loosely paraphrased from Trailcutter).

Here though the DJD manage to get inside, and suddenly can't get out again; can Megatron manipulate panic bubbles better than Trailcutter now? When he's this good at everything, there's not much need for other Decepticons, or almost anyone else.
If Megs has enough control over the anti-matter to power the bubble, he likely lowered the energy flow to weaken the bubble, letting the DJD break in and then cranked the juice back up trapping them.
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