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Hey Selkadoom, I was just blipping idly through the TF Wiki and came to issue 45 (the one with the Scavengers being hunted by Fort Max), and they meet a Decepticon scrap merchant called Demus.

I know there's a precedent in MTMTE that more than one character can have the same name (e.g. Prowl, and the other Prowl who changed his name to Dent and was sliced up by Drift on Delphi during the rust bomb disease).

Its interesting Roberts chose to call this guy Demus as well. Maybe there's a reason for it, otherwise it would have been just as easy to call this guy Deimos, to avoid confusion.

Definitely agree with you're "He's not a thug in a mask" comment.Vos was a thug in a mask. Tarn was a beautifully sadistic, conflicted bunny and could've done with some time with Rung, who he interestingly never met because Rung wasn't on the Alternative Lost Light when the DJD tore it apart.
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