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Thanks Auntie. And you make a few good points. There's quite a few bots that share name, one such duo being distinguished by their height abd width over in the sister comic, but I am legitimately curious as to why he chose the same name for the two. Perhaps the names have multiple meanings, perhaps it was a slip up. I can't pretend to know.

And YES Tarn had such potential to sit there with Rung and face a thorough psychoanalysis from him. Its established that he was rebuilt and made who he is by Megs to hurt optimus, and I wanna know what made him willingly submit to it.

Also bit of a personal preference but I would have been a bit happier if for just one panel Megs thought about the fact he's the one who warped Tarn into what he is, that he created this monster. That maybe Tarn could see the same light he had. But alas we may never know.

Edit: An addendum is that I looked up the meaning of Demus as a name and found that its a variant of the word/Demos, the Greek word for people or the common folk. Make of that what you will.There's also a Latin word demus that means at last or finally. Which is a bit more on the nose

Edit 2: Ok this has become a bit grating. I've also found a latin source that says it also means no other possibilities.

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