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I have to strongly strongly disagree on generalizing Tarn to a Thug in a mask. If that were the case, why bother showing he's actually got depth, that underneath that mask he genuinely hates seeing the carnage he's deemed himself the one to wrought? The character had a decent amount of potential to be expounded on here that feels like it was snubbed for the sake of wrapping up the arc with a pretty pink bow ontop of the ending.

As for Demus, not too hard to believe he suffered his empurata and criminal status for simply being an outlier no? I mean it's just a speculation and credit where its due to Auntie Slag for pulling up that little bit of info, but I recall the senate hating outliers and using Empurata on anyone they wanted. Then again for all I know Demus was running the Cyber natcotics cartel. But just my 2 cents on the matter.
I believe that Tarn was very conflicted---he plays the part of a laid back philosophical smooth talker leading a band of assassins, but at the same time he's deeply conflicted about what he's doing, how he's doing it without Megatron and why he's doing it. You can't shy away from carnage and go on and decapitate your comrade.

Issue 39 paved the way for a redemption story for him, but Dying of the Light actually made him irredeemable. It's almost as if all control he tried to maintain and keep vanished as soon as he spoke with Megatron.

He went from the guy that tried to kill himself and found a reason to exist in a Cybertronian he himself saved and valued as a colleague to a murderous thug that willingly sacrificed however many cons were still standing towards the end of 54.

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