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This makes me want to go through the entirety of the second season again. I forgot Megatron picked him to really hurt Optimus/Orion. It makes me suspect Megatron knew Demus/Glitch from a previous point in time.

I really want to see that story now! This is the kind of thing that will make Tarn and Dying of the Light especially poignant.

Also, I was wondering just why this story is called Dying of the Light. They've lost Skids and Ravage. Getaway sold them up the river to have Megatron killed, but neither has Megatron returned to his Decepticon ways... so there's no real dying of the light, per se. And when they all return to the Lost Light, they'll learn the crew wanted Megatron gone, but didn't really want Rodimus and Co. dead, not as such.

Unless the dying of the light refers to Tarn? With Skids gone, only Megatron and Roller remain aboard with memories of Glitch/Demus. How is Roller going to take this news? Will he also lose love for Pax if he finds out what made Glitch leave to join Megatron's team?

This just leaves Windcharger missing, right? Yeah, this is not the end of the Tarn story by a long shot (I hope).
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