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Originally Posted by Knightdramon View Post
I believe that Tarn was very conflicted---he plays the part of a laid back philosophical smooth talker leading a band of assassins, but at the same time he's deeply conflicted about what he's doing, how he's doing it without Megatron and why he's doing it. You can't shy away from carnage and go on and decapitate your comrade.

Issue 39 paved the way for a redemption story for him, but Dying of the Light actually made him irredeemable. It's almost as if all control he tried to maintain and keep vanished as soon as he spoke with Megatron.

He went from the guy that tried to kill himself and found a reason to exist in a Cybertronian he himself saved and valued as a colleague to a murderous thug that willingly sacrificed however many cons were still standing towards the end of 54.
Ok. Your explanation helps soothe me a bit there. Yes he utterly lost himself in his bloodlust to gut Megatron, Overlords constant goading probably helping to push him to the point of no return. But I can't call him irredeemable because as bad as he was Megatron was still worse. Megs was a butcher and he still had the chance to give up the ghost and acknowledge how far he had fallen, and to say Tarn couldn't is a bit on the aggrivating side.

Now by no means am I the type to advocate that a character should always be forgiven. But a big part of the story arcs as of late are second chances and such, and seeing Megatron not even hesitate to consider giving Tarn one just felt like a missed oppurtunity to me.

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