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Just a thought but is possible that Glitch was a big fan of Roller and felt betrayed by Pax when Roller disappeared? And that the Tarn design was a warped homage to a fallen friend?

Just a quick point on Roberts calling back to past issues and all that. I'm a fan of this because he generally seems to have planned it well in advance. I'm not saying that those plans are always effective but I like that he does allow the reader to go back and see the clues. As a contrast, try doing that with Barbers first big arc in RID. Go back to key points and there is no way you could guess what was to come. With Roberts, you can generally see the links when you go back.

And I like that generally all you need is contained within MTMTE. He rarely goes to stuff that has fallen outside of his writing (LSOTW and Chaos Theory often fall in as parts of the MTMTE arc). Its far more appealing than the Marvel/DC plan where you need to buy issue 54 of Batman, but also Issue 22 of Batgirl and Issue 23 of Arkham to get the full story. Its one of my worries with the "expanded" universe that IDW seem so keen to bring us. I dont want non-Roberts writing interfering with his stuff.
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