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I understand what you're saying, but this is another example of what I was talking about before, this assumption that everyone reading the book is a hardcore fan. What's a person whose not active in the TF fandom or "in the know" about things like the wiki supposed to do? Or someone who doesn't know much about Transformers but started to read the book a year ago because someone recommended it to them?
I get you, but in this day and age such information is just a google search away, and if someone is enjoying the book and wants to know more I imagine they'll do just that. It's not about forcing people to do the research - it's saying 'look, there's more to this if you want it'. Plus, it also rewards long-time readers which is just as important.

Besides, this is the final part of a multi-part story - anyone coming on board now (indeed, anyone coming onboard a series which is in its 50s) will have to assume that there's some backstory there - and if they're enjoying the story they'll be happy to do that research. Isn't that how we all became fans? I didn't start buying the UK comic until well into the 200s but all the references to RAAT or Centurion didn't put me off - on the contrary, it actively encouraged me to find out more. And we didn't have the wiki back then

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