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We don't know that Rung disappeared from the Alt-Lost Light, all we know is that 'Rung was lost in the explosion'. Incredibly vague statement that may or may not point to Rung being some kind of special that only allows for one to exist despite quantum duplication (and that would have to be some kind of special, since if this theory is true, the universe decided to have Rung be on the LL that was going to continue existing...).

As for Alt-Rewind persisting after the engines being shut off, we have no idea why. While it may be because of Rewind possibly being dead, it could also have been proximity to the briefcase and it's paradox locks (that was the only other thing we know of persisting through the engine shutdown).
Alt-Rewind's survival may also have been proximity based, or from a lack there of. Everybody who we know disappeared vanished in relative proximity to the Alt-LL. We have no evidence that Overlord, Drift, or Cosmos temporarily winked out like the others and all 3 of those were on-board at launch but gone by the time of the Lost Light's cosmic abeyance. It's possible Alt-Rewind stuck around after the engine shutdown because there wasn't another one nearby to make him disappear. (The flaw with this idea being the lack of spare Drift, Overlord, and Cosmos corpses floating in space. Though if I were to reach, I could probably explain that away by them being overlooked in the various debris of the big battle over the Alt-LL.)
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