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It's just a flesh wound.

SRSLY though, I'm not sure if I'll be going for these or not. Badcube's Hoist gets the edge over MMC's for nailing the adjustable stance that differentiates the animation model from Trailbreaker's... but I'm not sold on the chest from either company.

And after all the 3P companies announced their Infernos right before TT, I'd think that might be what's happening here. PLUS with Ironhide and Ratchet already available, Inferno imminent and Grapple a certainty, I'd be stunned if Takara haven't got these two lined up already as they cement the "larger Autobot vehicle" MP size point.

Also worth noting that with Dirge unveiled we're running out of larger scale pre-movie Decepticons, and there are a lot of 3P Blitzwings either just released or on the horizon...
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