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Originally Posted by numbat View Post
Yeah - I love those old CHUG Legends figures. So much so I don't see the point in the recent and far more expensive versions...
I'm not sure you and he are talking about the same toy. Generations Warpath was the Deluxe, wasn't he? The Legend (who, I agree, was quite neat) was Universe. Unless you're both talking about the repaint of Miner Megatron, then I'm the one who's confused.

For my part, after getting Hardhead and Skullcruncher I felt inspired to dig through my boxes to see how many other figures I owned that fit with them -- Headmaster-era characters with a reasonably G1-accurate look. But past the obvious two, I was surprised to find there weren't that many!

Generations Scoop is probably the closest fit of them all, since he basically looks like the G1 toy plus joints. He's a bit clunkier than the new Headmasters, but that's down to how clunky the '88 Targetmasters were and how spot-on the reproduction is (minus the colours, which I fixed anyway). Still, he's got the look, he's got his Nebulans and he looks like he belongs.

Universe Cyclonus is the other obvious one. He's a Targetmaster, and he's got a very show-accurate robot mode design. A bit too show-accurate, maybe, to really fit in with blocky Transformers like Skullcruncher, since Cyclonus here is whip-thin and most of the new toys have that 80s toy bulk to them, but I think he works.

Beyond that, though, it's slim pickings! I don't think there's many (or even any) other retail-release figures with Nebulan partners before this year, and most of the older Generations figures of 86-and-later characters tended to be heavily modernized or reimagined when they weren't simply repainted from other, more recognizable characters (like Classics Rodimus and Generations Scourge and Kup with their Earth-based vehicles, or Blurr being a Drift redeco).

If you start looking at stuff like Pretenders, there not much either. Thunderwing and Black Shadow are nice, pocket-sized versions of their original designs, and Classics Grimlock is a bigger, more detailed version of the Pretender's inner robot. None of them have their gimmicks intact, but they're still callbacks to toys from the same general era (whether you define that era as "late G1" or more vaguely as "Warcry's childhood" ) and look the part.

Am I forgetting about any other old figures that would fit in with this group? A lot of the Titans Return Deluxes have that nice 80s look -- basically all of them shown so far other than the IDW-based Getaway and the kinda Classics-looking Hot Rod, in fact -- so I'm sure I'll be adding a bunch of new figures to this particular sub-collection over the next year. But I don't want everyone to be a Headmaster...
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