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Smile So I'm addicted to off-brand Lego minifig KOs

So you might have seen these popping up on ebay and/or my facebook feeds; basically a lot of Chinese factory workers have realised the money in copying licenced Lego minifigs and the result is that you can get them for about 1.50 shipped from China, with some people even selling them over here and them even turning up on some markets. This makes them ridiculously addictive and I already have a ton plus more on order... Quality is generally very good; arm clips/shoulder holes seems to be a slight weak point as the plastic's a little more brittle than on the kosher ones, certainly wouldn't fancy popping them back out too many times.


Deadpool: yeah, I'm a bit sick of him now too but whatever. Nice painted details plus a nice natural use of the Ninjago backpack.

Spider-Woman: in the awesome seventies Jessica Drew incarnation. I vaguely remember she's back now in some terrible Loeb Bendis ****pie but never mind, Jessica cocking Drew.

Superman: bought entirely in reference to the one good Superman film, The Lego Movie. Need to get him a Green Lantern to superhate.

Colossus: in all his eighties glory. Bit of a frowny face, though.

Spider-Man: classic costume to supplant my long-serving "first mission" one from the actual Lego Spider-Man film line.
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