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The Beast! In full Jim Lee/underwhelming cartoon glory, with a mug of tea. A bit like Colossus it's a shame he doesn't have a slightly more benign face but he's still super.

Wolverine: don't seem to do the yellow/blue classic costume so the yellow/brown did compared to the plethora of film-inspired ones. Mad cheating on the minifig's head to get the eyes lined up with the mask but I like the claws - I assumed they were just the Ninjago wrist-blade elements but instead they're much better.

Psylocke: Weird mix of her original caucasian body & hair with her 'Asian' costume (is she like that in the latest Fox disaster?) but sod it, it's Betsy. Rather odd-looking pink broadsword but nice jaggedy mind bullet clip-on.

Daredevil: One of several to suffer from not really knowing what to do with the headgear or wanting to save money - ideally there'd be a flat little skullcap with moulded devil ears but instead they're painted on the head. Pretty nice, though - darker red than my dodgy picture makes out.
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