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I'm just directing slurs at comics I've yet to read; was vaguely aware that she had been recalled to the spotlight. I thought she got eighties'd up at one point? Or was that a different one who was in West Coast Avengers? TBH my Marvel knowledge is getting distinctly spotty.

The figs are pretty cool but the frustrating thing is if they haven't done them they haven't done them; given that most superheroes have at least one unique design feature I've rapidly hit a wall - no Wanda (they did one I'm guessing from one of the films who's just a whore with red trim?), no decent Mystique, no Swordsman, no Giant Man/Goliath, Sunfire, no Firestar for that Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends link-up etc. so it hits a bit of a wall quite early. Other hand there's stuff I'd never have expected and would suspect the real versions go for silly money, like vintage Ant-Man & Quicksilver, 90s Rogue & Gambit, non-Renner Hawkeye and so on.
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