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Originally Posted by Cliffjumper View Post
I'm just directing slurs at comics I've yet to read; was vaguely aware that she had been recalled to the spotlight. I thought she got eighties'd up at one point? Or was that a different one who was in West Coast Avengers? TBH my Marvel knowledge is getting distinctly spotty.
TBF I'm reading the ****ing stuff and I have difficulty keeping track of everything.

She did have a leather trenchcoat for a bit about the time of Alias, but I think that was just civilian wear. It's entirely possible that they gave her a new costume in the 80s (as they did for ****ing everyone), but she's been in the red catsuit since New Avengers started.

There WAS another Spider-Woman for a while, but she's the new Madame Webb now. Er. COMICS.

But we're getting off topic. I would definitely buy all the Marvel Lego if I didn't know that I would buy ALL the Marvel Lego. And I'd expect the lack of stuff that hasn't been done to frustrate the **** out of me.
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